Swim Smooth training camp 2020 - Club La Santa - Lanzarote

After the succes of last years camps, we decided to go back to the world famous Club La Santa for our training camps in 2020.

Because of the Covid-19 virus, we had to postpone (scheduled for March 2020) the Swim Smooth training camp.

But we worked out a new date and the camp could be postponed to September 2020.

Unfortunately, not all participants can make it in September. Because of this, some spots became available for others...


There are 2 weeks available in 2020:

Check this nice video from Club La Santa...

What to expect during the training camp?

based on 3persons per room*
based on 2persons per room*
Single room*
from 12/09/2020 till 19/09/2020
From 1150€ pp       Book now
From 1300€ pp     Book now
From 1780€ pp Sorry we're full
from 19/09/2020 till 26/09/2020
From 1150€ pp       Book now
From 1300€ pp     Book now
From 1780€ pp Book now

* prices based on hotel + flight. Family members, not swimming, get a 135€ discount. 

Flight and hotel reservations are handled by our partner, Sportstages.com

Check the 2019 after-movie here: