Video analysis and correction session

A video analysis is by far the most efficient way to improve your swimming technique. The video analysis and correction session we offer can safely be counted in the best available methods. During this session, the swimmer is not only filmed in high definition (above and below water), but during the same session the images are viewed and analyzed together with the swimmer. Still during the same session, the most specific drills are also taught, which in the short term will raise the swimming performance to a higher level.

The complete analysis is recorded and recorded on a USB stick for re-viewing.

How it works?

Video recordings in high definition while swimming with our specially designed video camera.

The images are viewed and analyzed together with the swimmer. By comparing very regularly with how the elite swimmers do it, we can  clearly indicate where the problem is and how this can be solved.

After looking at and analyzing the images, we have a very good view on the priorities to improve your swimming and to be more efficient in the water. With this information we go back in the pool and the most efficient exercises are taught to work on the biggest priorities.

The complete video analysis was recorded and you immediately get it on a USB stick to take home. In addition, with the Swim Smooth GURU you get a lot of information to continue working on the improvements.       

What does it cost?

A first video analysis and correction session will cost 125€

If you are returning for a follow up session, you'll pay 40€ less with this code  VIDEO2.

How to book?

You can book your own slot via our automated online booking system.

This analysis is done in the pool of Kuurne, where we rent a lane for this. We have 3 slots per week:

Select your slot here and you will automatically forwarded for online payment (credit card or PayPal) :